What is the purpose of web design and development in the digital world?

A website is a digital asset of the website owner. It depends on how to use it and what purpose to serve with his digital property. A website can be used for Business, Education, Social Connect and News purposes.

A website serves as a platform where individuals and businesses express themselves. People serve various purposes with the website. 

We outline some of these purposes below:

1) Business: One of the most predominant purposes of a website is Business. People reach the populace with the help of the website.

Businesses make millions of dollars with the help of websites by selling products and services. 

1.1) E-Commerce Websites: If someone makes the most of a website, it is the eCommerce industry. They sell products and services with the help of the website. This website has the functions to make an individual account, list their products as a vendor, sell and purchase whatever they can (if it is allowed as per the guidelines). 

1.2) Affiliate Websites: These websites sell others products and earn commissions. Affiliate websites reshape the commission-based jobs and sales process as well. 

The sole purpose of affiliate websites is to earn commissions as passive income. 

2) Money Making Machine: Usually, websites work as money-making machines for people. Having a website makes money either by offering quality content or by selling commodities and services. 

3) Online Presence: In this digital world, where we break stereotypes, we need to be omnipresent. Be it
a brand, a small business, a startup, or an influencer, we all need to be available round the clock.

To serve this purpose, a website is the most extensive support. It makes you
available across the digital domain. Just a click and you are there. Kudos to the

4) Branding: A website is digital identity. People make a perception about your Business with the help of your website. That is how businesses use websites to perform branding operations. 

They publish content, engage with the prospects and create a digital image in the buyer’s minds to have a buying behavior tilted in their favor. 

5) Online Education: The lasting days of the year 2019 changed the way people live. The emergence of
Covid-19 proved to be changing the entire course of life upside down. The way people roam around, meet, greet, eat, everything got changed.

Consequently, education got reshaped. The advent of online education creates opportunities for education businesses to have a digital presence in web portals. Today, multiple companies have come up with their edu-products and services and thus serve the education like never before. 

6) Social Networking: We are social animals. We need to socialize. We need to make connections and
seek and offer support. Therefore the emergence of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram comes under the category of Giants. 

7) Generate Leads: An online presence can generate leads for you. Thus, a website optimizes your
Business and creates newer opportunities to scale online Business to endless heights of success. 

8) Entertainment: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime
These are the most prominent examples of how a web portal can lead you to the next level of enormous success.

9) Stay in Touch: The website helps people, influencers, and online businesses to stay relevant and
visible. Therefore, the website serves to stay in touch with a large customer base at any point in time. 

Do I need a Website?

The points mentioned above make us aware of a website’s various purposes. The uses, utilities, and value are worth trillions of dollars (Remember Jeff Bezos, He is world’s richest because of Amazon.com).

It is equally important to get your website from someone experienced and skilled.

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