Multi-channel Lead Generation

Do You Need More Sales Appointments?

DM Digital's multi-channel lead generation solution is a complete solution of how we can help and get you consistent lead flow using our funnel approach.

A successful sales flow can rely on finding the right people, on the right channel, at the right time. DM Digital allows you to engage, manage, and close your ideal clients directly through data sourcing, automation, and lead management.

Let DM Digital help you start your "Lead Storm" today!

What do you get?

  1. Opt-in page 
  2. Video page 
  3. Schedule page with Calendly embed. 
  4. Survey/Questionnaire page to qualify. We do this a little differently. We let the prospect go ahead and schedule in while there is momentum – then qualify after. We can always go back and cancel the appointment – or – do the call and pitch the minimum – or even develop another video to send to them. 
    1. Call-Confirmation page with additional “thanks for scheduling your call resources, i.e., white paper etc. 
    2. This will run on a subdomain of your primary domain. 
      1. Automated Follow up Sequences include.
      2. “You didn’t finish watching the video” email.
      3. “You didn’t finish scheduling your call with us” email.
      4. “Thanks for scheduling your call” email.
      5. 3 additional nurturing sequence emails designed to get them to schedule a call. 
      6. All reporting on page views, opt-ins etc.
  1. Profile makeover as needed. We’ll read through your designated profile and edit as needed to ensure that the profile is fully optimized for views from potential  connections. 
  2. Profile Banner – we will design a professional profile banner if you don’t already have one. Again – if you already have one – we’ll just review to see if there is room for improvement. 
  3. Message Copyrighting and automation set up.
    1. For email – we purchase a “look alike” domain – usually a .net or .org version of your primary domain. 
    2. We will create the new Gmail account and warm the account over a period of 30 days, starting with 1 email and working up to 40 sends and replies by then end of the cycle.
  1. We will write a 5-7 minute video sales letter that covers the challenges in your space – and the features, benefits and solutions that your company provides. 
  2. We can do the voice over – or – we can provide direction and coaching on how to record the VSL yourself and assist in the process.
  1. Our Graphic designer will design 15-18 ads including both dynamic and static ads. There are 15-18 because different display options require different sizes.
  2. We start with Adroll integration. This is a retargeting campaign.
  3. Tracking Pixels will be installed on both your primary website and on the funnel pages. 
    1. As traffic increases – we “follow” prospects around to stay in front of them. This, in tandem with other nurturing sequences just keeps your brand and service on the front of the prospect’s mind. When they are ready to explore options – there’s a much better chance they’ll schedule with you first. 
    2. *We recommend starting with no less than a $20 per day. As you start to see scheduled calls and conversions, you can decide to increase that based on available ROI forecast. 
    3. After 90 days – we can review and add Facebook Ads and/or Google PPC. But I always recommend starting with Adroll.


Includes the following 5-page funnel deliverables:

  • Opt-in page — sometimes referred to as main page.
  • Video page which includes your Video Sales Letter.
  • Dynamic Scheduling page with Calendly embed synced to your personal calendar.
  • Survey/Questionnaire page which includes up to four qualifying questions.
  • Call-Confirmation page with “thanks for scheduling your call” message.
  • The funnel will run on a subdornain or your primary domain.
  • Automated Follow up Sequences include:
    • “You didn’t finish watching the video” email.
    • “You didn’t finish scheduling your call with us.
    • “Thanks for scheduling your call” email.
    • Evergreen email campaign designed to schedule call with prospect.
  • Comprehensive reporting on all campaign movements


Includes the following campaign sequence:

  • Profile makeover. We’ll read through your designated profile and edit to ensure that your profile is fully optimized in advance of views from potential connections.
  • Profile Banner. We will design a professional profile banner if you don’t already have one. If you do have one, we’ll review and edit if there is room for improvement.
  • Connection Invitation
  • Profile View and Profile Follow.
  • Thanks for Connecting Message.
  • 3 Drip messages that serve as nurturing sequence designed to get prospect into the funnel, watch your video sales letter, and schedule a call.
  • Email Compaign
    • In our campaign process, if prospect does not accept the connection invitation with 5 days, we enrich prospect contact record with personal, work, and/or other email and begin drip campaign via email.
    • For email —we purchase a “look alike” domain which is usually a .net or .org version of your primary domain. For example: vs. or
    • We will create the new Gmail account and “warm. the account over a period of 30 days, starting with 1 email and working up to 40 sends and replies by then end of the warming cycle.

We help you do “Real Business” with our Lead Generation Solution

LinkedIn is a useful tool for every business. Connections are NOT just being made but relationships are being built and “Real Deals” are being closed in LinkedIn which will benefit both parties. 

Lead Information Verified

Remote networking will now be more important than ever before for sales engagement strategies that are seamless and personalized. Automated outreach strategies make you stay at the top of your game as companies shift to remote teams.

The key to successful remote networking is:

  • You should give your prospect more than you take
  • Vertical and horizontal networking
  • Connect with your existing connections
  • Facilitate online communication
  • A bulletproof outreach strategy is necessary
  • Remote business prospecting tools will help you succeed.

You will have confidence that you have a constant flow of qualified prospects with B2B, and that with our technology, your team can start identifying deals anywhere, anytime, thanks to our robust automation strategy.