Executive Round Table


We help leading coaches, consultants, agencies, and B2B service providers to easily gain visibility and engage with corporate executives, aiding in hte achievement of successful business agreements.


We understand your perspective because we’ve been in your position! Furthermore, throughout the years, we’ve provided support to some of the foremost brands in the coaching, consulting, B2B and professional servives industry.


Ensuring a steady stream of opportunities in your sales pipeline

Attaining top-tier industry Brand Recognition

Skilled in highlighting your achievments and track record, we expertly position you as a leader, standing out in your competitive field.

  • Precisely Adjusted Customer Profile
  • Enhanced Service Offering
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness

Consistent and Intentional Outreach Tactics

Utilizing our expertise in direct marketing, we carefully choose platforms to effectively reach your target audience.

  • Plan for External Interaction
  • Determine the Best Platform
  • Increase External Outreach

Develop Messaging centered on producing tangible outcomes

By working together, we will help you craft a message that encourages engagement, using our proven methods

  • Firm brand image
  • Genuine profession method
  • Committed to organizing meetings

Crafting Strategic Packaging, Pricing and offer approaches

Are you experiencing inconsistencies in lead and sales generation? The problem might lie in ineffective packaging. Our DM Digital WAY Training Program, conducted in collaboration with you, aims to redefine your positioning. This approach addresses these issues and establishes a consistent, replicable lead pipeline for your business.

  • Aiming to achieve unique market positioning as the premier choice.
  • Create an irresistible offer that effortlessly secure sales.

Given your business experience and market standing, we strongly recommend adopting the Executive Round Table approach to connect with hard-to-reach corporate and business leaders.

Setting up meetings with your most promising prospects can be challenging for many. The Executive Round Table streamlines this process, removing the need for cold calling or bypassing gatekeepers. Instead, it directly brings potential clients to you.

Virtual Executive Round Tables are particularly effective as they easily attract C-Suite Executives, establishing you as a thought leader in addressing new industry challenges. These discussions are highly valuable, as leaders are keen to explore solutions and opportunities pertinent to their roles.

Organizing these leader gatherings around key industry topics naturally positions you as their advisor. This provides an opportunity to contribute value by sharing insights and unique strategies during the event. Typically, these Executive Round Tables convert 25-50% of prospects into appointments.

As your partner, we work with you to fine-tune your approach, messaging, educational content, scripting, and offers. This helps attract clients that align with your business objectives.

We suggest hosting two virtual Executive Round Tables each month, with 4-10 participants. A smaller group promotes better conversation and targets higher-end clients, making your time on each call more effective.

Before your first circle, we’ll guide you to ensure your comfort in facilitating these discussions. This boosts your credibility and sparks interest in further discovery sessions with attending prospects.


Our aim is to have your campaign operational and consistently producing high-quality leads within the next 7-10 days! We will generally setup your first Executive Round Table within 4-5 weeks.
1. Onboarding Form Completion
  • After you sign up, we start by having you fill out our Onboarding Form. This short exercise, taking about an hour, asks questions to find the best strategy for attracting your target prospects.
2. Onboarding Strategy Session
  • Within 24-48 hours of completing the Onboarding Form, we’ll have a deep dive during the Onboarding Strategy Session into the main challenge or question your ideal prospects face. Goals of this session include:
  • Developing a strong, direct outreach message
  • Improving your product offering to enhance prospect engagement.
  • Suggesting ways to improve your online and social media presence, especially on LinkedIn.
  • **Note: This does not include design or consulting services. Extra charges may apply for design services, plan creation, process/system development, or training.
3. System & Outreach Setup
An Account Manager and Marketing Assistant will be assigned to your account. The Account Manager will:
  • Manage access to your LinkedIn account, only for approved messaging and activities.
  • Set up a secure server for our marketing team, in compliance with LinkedIn.
  • Create a personalized Lead Tracking & Reporting board on Monday.com, with details of all prospects, including email and phone numbers when available.
4. Copywriting & Targeting Setup
After our strategic meeting, we’ll write a message for your approval before starting the campaign. Our marketing team, skilled in professional communication on LinkedIn, email, text, and voice calls, will handle responses to ensure commitments for Executive Round Tables participation or meetings.


($1,997.00 VALUE)

When you sign-on in time, We will include free access to the Thought Leader Approach – Cold Selling Training Membership Guaranteed to speed up your sales cycle and close more deals.

On-demand Video Training Access

  • Executive Round Table Planning and Facilitation Training turns cold attendees into closed clients.
  • How to Create offers and messaging that entice CEOs and Executives to book appointments and buy
  • Thought Leader approach to Selling – How the top 1% close deals from cold leads.
  • Plus Thought Leader approach E-Book, Audio Book, ERT Workbook & Guide.

Over 70 Recorded Sessions of Live Support Calls helping clients prepare for their ERTs, Sales Calls, Offers & Closing Deals.

($1,997.00 VALUE)

90 Day Free access to:

  • Thought Leader Approach Proposal, Estimate & Payment System (Monthly Subscription $97) – In the Push of a Button, Send, Get Signature & Follow-Up on Proposals to Close Deals
  • User our Plug & Play Proposal Template That We’ve Used to Close More Than $10 Million in consulting Sales (Valued at $1500)
  • Manage your active Prospects and Pipeline
  • Design Automated proposal Follow-up Campaigns

($1,997.00 VALUE)

Get expert advise from our Team of Certified Leader Approach Consultants every week. Help you with offers, scripting, facilitation, closing and more.

  • Live Strategic Support Calls
  • Regularly scheduled Daily time slots for campaign adjustments
  • Weekly Live Strategic group Support calls with our team.