We Empower Consultants, Coaches, and Service Providers to Seamlessly Connect with C-Level Executives and Business Owners, Resulting in Revenue Growth!

“The Best Part? It’s a Pay-Per-Performance Model. You Only Pay When We Deliver!”


If you’re like most professionals, the toughest part of the sales process is booking meetings with your most qualified prospects. However, there’s a solution that takes the hassle out of cold calling and dealing with gatekeepers: the Executive Roundtable.

Executive Roundtables are a game-changer because they bring your prospects to you. These gatherings create a unique environment where you can engage with key decision-makers without the usual hurdles.


Virtual Executive Roundtables, in particular, offer exceptional advantages. They not only effortlessly attract C-Suite Executives but also position you and your brand as a thought leader in your industry. This is achieved by focusing on new and emerging industry challenges—topics that intrigue top executives who are eager to learn from their peers’ experiences.

The value of these discussions alone cannot be overstated. When you facilitate a forum where industry leaders share insights, strategies, and solutions, you’re providing a tremendous value that goes beyond mere sales pitches. It’s about fostering meaningful connections and knowledge exchange.

In summary, Executive Roundtables are a powerful tool for simplifying the process of connecting with high-value prospects. Virtual gatherings, in particular, offer a unique opportunity to not only attract top-tier executives but also establish your brand as a thought leader while delivering immense value through insightful discussions.

What Are Executive Roundtables, Anyway?

Picture this: a virtual room buzzing with the energy of CEOs, CTOs, and other high-ranking execs, all eager to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in your industry. That’s an Executive Roundtable for you—a cozy, yet intellectually stimulating gathering that’s all about quality interactions.

The Anatomy of a Successful Roundtable
  • Topic: A hot-button issue that everyone wants to talk about.
  • Participants: 4-10 decision-makers who can actually move the needle.
  • Facilitator: That’s you, guided by our expert training.
  • Outcome: Valuable insights, strong connections, and a pipeline full of high-quality leads.

Why Executive Roundtables Are a Goldmine

Sky-High Conversion Rates

Let’s talk numbers. Our Executive Roundtables aren’t just a talking shop; they mean business. With a conversion rate ranging from 25-50%, these events are your ticket to a bursting pipeline.

Quality Over Quantity

We cap our events at 4-10 participants. Why? Because we believe in meaningful, in-depth discussions that lead to actionable insights. No fluff, no filler—just pure, unadulterated value.

The C-Suite Magnet

If rubbing shoulders with the upper echelons of the corporate world is your thing, then you’re in for a treat. Our roundtables are like catnip for C-level execs.

Transforming Your Pipeline with a Steady Flow of Opportunities!

It All Starts with Industry-Leading Brand Positioning…

We excel at harnessing your achievements and track record to confidently establish you as a frontrunner, irrespective of your competition.

  • A Precisely Defined Client Avatar
  • Elevating Your Offer
  • Amplifying Your Brand Identity
Crafting Outcome-Driven Messages…

We collaborate with you to compose compelling messages that trigger responses using our tried-and-true techniques.

  • Daring Brand Positioning
  • Genuine, No-Nonsense Approach
  • Geared towards Booking Meetings
Strategically Reach Out…

Our expertise lies in direct marketing, enabling us to select the optimal platforms to engage with your targeted prospects.

  • Crafting Outreach Strategies
  • Identifying the Ideal Platforms
  • Maximizing Outreach Efforts


We’re not about vanity metrics; we’re about results that make your eyes pop.

In the last year alone, our clients have seen:

  • Over 100,000 qualified leads
  • 25,000+ successful appointments
  • A staggering $10 Million+ in revenue
Pay-Per-Performance Guarantee
  • The roundtable fee is only charged when the meeting is confirmed and has taken place. A minimum of four attendees is required per meeting.
  • We stand behind our commitment to introduce you to a minimum of 4 or more qualified prospects per Roundtable event.
  • Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities, and we are committed to delivering results in a manner that aligns with your business objectives.
Payment Terms
  • For each completed Roundtable event, payment is due immediately the following day.